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The Company

We continued our journey in the field of Software Industry since 2015.

Odeonus Agile Methodology

Odeonus® in Software Industry

Depending upon your business needs and growth plans, our team of qualified professionals can develop short team assistance as well as engage in long term strategic planning. We offer custom tailored web solutions to match your needs in the most precise yet scalable fashion. We feel pride in stating that InspieNeo Solutions Pvt. has the skill and the will to continuously provide its customers with a wide array of development services and solutions.

We have the expertise and the support that you will require to create an e-strategy that is most appropriate for your corporation. As the world economy continues to move towards technological advancement. The better your strategy, the more competently you can focus upon your business operations.

We can help you formulate an outsourcing strategy and create a symbolic relationship to leverage our in-house development services. We have the project management experience and experience to deliver complex projects on time and within budget.

The Promise

Quality is the foundation of InspieNeo Solutions Software’s development process. We consider it to be the most important element for building successful client relationships. Maintaining this high level of quality is how we meet our client’s initial requirements, and then surpass them to deliver exceptional value.

We do not just claim develop solutions, we ensure that our intent is backed by proactive actions.

The Process

We follow a home grown software development process as well as Agile process for analyzing your needs, wants and demands, designing solutions that not only satisfy but excite, and deploy them to comfort you.

Our Processes

Odeonus Agile Methodology

Our process encompasses an organized and well-defined method of analysis, design and implementation. We utilize the most popular and standard techniques of analysis, requirement specifications, documentation, and feedback. We allow our customers to brainstorm with us in order to streamline the automated business processes, gather core and value adding requirements, as well as latent requirements. Our strategies of interactive analysis ensure that the solution being developed is valid and verified even before it is visualized.

And that's not all! We follow it up by going the extra mile with iterative prototyping, interviewing and storyboarding.

The People

Our experts excel in a large array of tools, technologies, and concepts that empower us to serve you with impeccable prowess, skill, expertise and commitment.

The Expertise

Our developed cycle subscribes to quality standards and industry standard documentation procedures. The expertise gained with each project or program is captured within a best practices repository.

By sharing our knowledge across the team, we ensure that our customers have access to the highest degree of expertise. To ensure repeatable success and almost eliminate implementation errors, our team utilizes various home grown automation utilities, templates, and reusable components.

Odeonus Agile Methodology

The Success

We partner with our customers to help their enterprise get the most out of its e-initiative and to achieve maximum returns with minimum risks. Our consultants offer a wide range of expertise from solution customization to solution integration to business direction and focus management.

Odeonus can boast a wide range of clients who have been actively engaged with us. These success stories indicate our strong commitment towards our clients and customers as well as our burning desire to be the front runners in the industry.