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OpenBCI Mindwave Our Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Products are coming soon.    Bone Conductor (BC) Technology Our Bone Conductor Technology (BC) Products are coming soon. Department of Research and Development, Odeonus LLC.
>> Research and developments on ECC, ECG, BC, NBP sensational technologies, Odeonus LLC.

What We Offer

Our Services

Desktop Developments

Delivery of software in the classical with modern technologies made us distict in the field of Information Technology.

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Web Developments

In the Business of Information technology adoption of modern technologies are our priority.

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Plus+ Services

Range of services not lasts here. Graphic Designing, Logo Designing, Animation, Games Developments, I.T. Infrastructure Solutions, Cloud Service and many more are in our service.

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Mobile Developments

Smart Technologies made software more portable. We are working hard to get our smart part.

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Android Developments

Android Apps. for andorid technologies have a big part in the market. Our participation really matters.

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iOS Developments

iOS gaining more market shares. Deligent developments needed to make more secure your mobile communications.

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About the Founder

Mr. Zahid Ali is the Founder and President of the company. Odeonus LLC found in the year 2022 in the United States of America.

We are struggling to contiribute our part in the advanced technologies like Aritificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Neural Network (NN), Deep Learning (DL), Big Data, NANO Technologes, Brain Computer Interface (BCI), Electroencephalogram (EEG) / (EKG), Electrocardiogram (ECG), Bone Conductor (BC) / Voice to Skull (V2K), Blockchain, Smart Contracts etc.

Founder: Mr. Zahid Ali, Odeonus LLC

We are not Competitors, we are Sustainer!
| President Mr. Zahid Ali

Why You Choose Us

Models of Co-operation


Dedicated team

widely responsible of the entire project for the developments


Team augmentation

add skilled technical resources to your in-house development team



skilled technical advice and system support to your in-house team

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Our Payment Solutions

Make Payments Online, Pay Safely.

Our Payment Solutions

Make payments online to start using our Cloud Serives to speed up you business support and productivity.

What We Offer

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ERP Solution


ERP for Medium to Large Enterprise level of Business model Organizations. Intelligence of efficiency, enterprise business logics made every tier providing an extensive support and productivity.

SwiftBiz™ Stand-alone Products

SwiftBiz™ Family

Stand-alone for small to medium size of organizations. Wide range of Applications can intelligently make efficiant your business processes.

On Cloud

Cloud Services

Cloud Services for all level of Organizations keep your business up 24 hrs every single day. High Safety provides you satisfying ready business environment.

What We Offer

Our Products

Accounts Management


Products Management

Sales System

Products Managemenet

Stock System

Inventory Managemenet

Inventory System

Store Managemenet

Store system

Management Systems

Import System

Management Systems

Export System

Time Management System

Time Tracking

General FAQs

Frequently Ask Questions: Generally asked by the Cutomers and Subscribers
about the Services. You may contact on HelpDesk General or HelpDesk Customer Support
for detail Information and Support.

100% Safe! We never compromise on security risks, highly secured concinements ensures the all safety levels.
Not yet! We do not have, unitl now, a free plans but in the coming future it could be.
Yes, we offer half-yearly, Monthly and Annual Contract Plans. Renewal of plan may possible depending on the Terms of service(s).
Yes, on contract besis as mention above in "offer Contracts" FAQ.
1: Software Developments,
2: Software Customization,
3: Mobile, iOs, Android Apps. Developments,
4: Games Development,
5: Graphic Designing and Animation,
6: Logo Designing,
7: Cloud Service and little more in our 8: Plus+ services.
You can pay through Debit/ Credit Cards, Bank-Transfers, in the future; in Cryptocurrencies.
Yes, it depends on term of services.
Thats up to you, you already paid for your plan.
No, we could not entertain after the signed concinemnets either electronically or phyically, in the type of full or partial payment(s) funds. Conditionally it might possible depending on terms, if signed physically.